Galaxy Kayaks works with top European logistics companies to ensure that your kayak arrives in perfect condition, as quickly as possible. 





Kayaks under 3.5m and under 25kg



Kayaks over 3.5m and under 38kg



Delivery Times

Peninsula - We will strive to dispatch your order within 3-5 working days  from the time you place your order. You will receive a dispatch confirmation email and this means your order has left our building.

Islands - Delivery times to the islands depend on the day of the order and the day ships sail to the islands.  The kayaks usually don’t take longer than 5 to 7 working days to arrive at your door.

For delivery to the Corsica we produce an invoice that does not include VAT. This travels with the kayak through to customs. The transport costs have been paid for all the way to the given address, however, there will be more costs to pay to customs.

Ordering more than one kayak

If you’d like various kayaks in the same order, each additional kayak will have a 10% reduction on the transport fee.  An order of five or more kayaks will receive FREE SHIPPING. For other destinations and orders of various kayaks, please get in touch with us to assure the best deals on transport.

Transport of accessories

Accessories have a fixed transport cost depending on their size:





Leash, D rings, scupper plug

  5€ for a total of 1-10 items


Paddle and seat

  10€ for a total of 1-10 items 


Motors and trolleys

  20€ for a total of 1-10 items


If you purchase mixed accessories, for instance: a motor, a paddle and a leash, the transport cost will take the form of the largest item sent, in this case 20€. If you purchase a kayak with accessories, the transport cost will be that of the kayak to its destination.

Tracking your order

As soon as your product is dispatched you will receive an email with a tracking number thatallows you to follow its progress.

As kayaks are large orders they cannot travel with standard logistic and transport companies. This means the tracking cannot be done online and will have to be followed by phone. We will include a telephone number for our logistics partners and the logistic warehouse closest to the final destination who are best qualified to speak with you about tracking.

The logistics company will usually call before delivering the kayak to make sure you are at the delivery address. You can call them on the number included on your dispatch email at any time and arrange a delivery time that suits your schedule.

Poor delivery of products

All of our deliveries are insured.  In the rare chance there is a problem with the condition of your kayak upon delivery, we are happy to replace it immediately.

Please thoroughly check your product as soon as it arrives.  If there is any issue please get in touch with us as soon as possible. When the transport agency delivers the kayak, they will ask you to review the product to see if it’s in good condition before signing. If you do not have time to review it then and there, sign the delivery form as “TO BE REVIEWED”. You will have 24 hours to review the product and claim any transport damage.

You are purchasing a completely new, unopened, unused product that shouldn’t have any damages. Every kayak comes wrapped twice in a plastic seal with card protectors on the bottom side of the kayak in order to protect it during transport as much aspossible.

Accessories that are included in the model, pack or series are inserted within the original packaging of the kayak and then resealed.

For Fisher models, the swivel rod holders are stored in the front hatch of the kayak in order for them to arrive in the best condition possible.

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