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Fast forward to summer of 2014. The now Bixpy founder (Houman Nikmanesh), is stuck about 5 miles off the coast of San Diego in a Hobie Island sailboat with no wind and too tired to pedal home against the outgoing tide. 

Upon finally getting home, the search began to find a way to put a motor on the little sailboat to make future trips more pleasant. With no real solutions on the market and many DIY projects posted all over the internet, he realizes there is a need for simple, affordable, portable and efficient electric propulsion in the personal watercraft space. 

So as any good California startup is obligated to do, he moves his cars out of the garage, hires a PhD grad and they turn the garage into Bixpy’s first workshop. 

5 years later, we now have an award winning motor, a full line of waterproof batteries and dozens of Plug and Play Adapters to allow everyone to motorize their watersports. All of this with a focus on making sure we build simple and innovative devices everyone will be able to afford.

Since the shipment of our first motors and batteries in late 2017, we have motorized thousands of kayaks, paddle boards, divers, snorkelers and other water enthusiasts as we have created an industry of motorizing personal watercraft. There are now thousands of videos and pictures on-line of people using our products to enjoy their local waterways in a way not possible before. It gives us great joy to know we are part of this story. And we’re just getting started!

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