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Leisure Kayaks - Kayaking for fun

At Galaxy Kayaks you will find a large range of leisure kayaks to suit your needs. We pride ourselves in providing quality recreational kayaks at affordable prices.

In our range of leisure kayaks you will find everything you need to get out onto the water. From tandem kayaks perfect for the whole family through to solo kayaks that allow to go on your dream adventure.

Our range of kayaks are designed so that beginners through to experienced paddlers can use them with ease.

What type of adventurer are you?

Family kayak: are you looking to get out onto the water with your family or friends? A tandem kayak is ideal for two adults and a child and is one of our most popular kayaks for a good reason. Exploring new places with your family will help bond you with the water and broaden your experiences.

Natural explorer: are you someone who is drawn to adventure? If that is you then owning a solo kayak is a fantastic way to explore the world and your surroundings. A kayak gives you a different perspective on nature and is a fantastic way to see different species and explore hidden places.

Why choose a sit on top kayak?

At Galaxy Kayaks all of our leisure kayaks are sit on tops. The reason a sit on top is preferable to a sit in kayak is that they are much easier to use. With a sit on top there’s no need to learn safety maneuvers such as the eskimo roll and no need for additional accessories such as spray skirts.

With a sit on top all you need are good weather conditions, a lifevest, your paddle and seat and you are set to get on the water.

Types of kayaks - choosing a kayak for your needs:

Tandem kayak: our Tandem Solo kayak are perfect for people who want to go out kayaking with their friends or family. Our Galaxy Tandem Solo kayak is designed to fit up to two adults and a child in the middle seat. This tandem kayak has been designed with ease of use in mind, which means anyone can learn to use it within a few hours of paddling.

Long single seater: a kayak such as our Blaze HV is considered a long single seater. Its length allows it to glide easier on the water and is better at tracking than other shorter leisure kayaks.

Short single seater: a kayak such as our Fuego HV is considered a short single seater. Its short but wide length mean it is a very stable kayak. It won’t be the fastest kayak around but it sure will be a pleasure to paddle for fun days out on the water. These types of kayaks are easier to store and transport which means if you are looking for more of a boat for easy going adventures than this is a great choice for you.

Kids kayak: these are specifically designed for children to use. Our Pinguino kayak fits in this category and is designed specifically for kids that are just learning how to kayak. Its short and wide dimensions mean it is a very stable craft and ideal as a beginner kayak.

Max carry capacity: depending on the build of the kayak it will be able to handle different maximum weights. Longer and wider kayaks tend to carry the most amount of weight and this is important for anyone who is interested in buying a kayak. Make sure to check the max weight capacity based on your weight and how much equipment you want to bring with you.

Why buy a recreational kayak?

If you are looking for a kayak to have a good ol fashioned time out on the water than our range of leisure kayaks are right for you! If you want a few more reasons look no further:

Fun with family - going out kayaking as a family is always great fun and theres thousands of testimonies of this freely available online

Explore new places - using a kayak to find hidden treasures is just one of the perks to kayaking. We love finding little coves off our local spot and we’ve known many customers who have been able to explore little islands they’ve always dreamed about

A healthy hobby - kayaking is super healthy. It gives you a whole body workout and burns about 400 calories an hour

The right accessories for your needs

Choosing the right kayak for your needs is the crucial first step to spending days on the water.

Some key accessories to consider for your leisure kayak:

Kayak seats: whether it’s a high seat or low seat, having the right seat for your kayak will make the experience that much better. No matter what, having a padded seat is essential to avoid the much dreaded ‘kayak butt’. Our leisure kayaks come with low seats as standard but you can choose to upgrade these to our larger tracker seat with additional padding.

Lifeline: having a lifeline on your kayak is useful for some added safety. It allows you to hold onto the kayak in case you fall out and is useful for other things such as anchor positioning. All our new kayaks come with HV series lifelines that are designed in various colours to add brightness and visibility when needed.

Storage space: having storage on your kayak is can be an essential demand depending on what type of use you are looking to do. If you plan on spending long days on the water than having storage compartments can be extremely useful. Most of our kayaks include a large rear storage area with HV bungees that help secure any gear down to your boat.

Life Jacket PFD: a life jacket is an essential piece of equipment that everyone should use each time they head out kayaking.

Paddles: all of our kayaks come with a seat and paddle as standard. However, many customers like to upgrade their paddles after having gained experience paddling. The range of paddles on offer is extensive from carbon fibre to a three piece paddle.

Customer service and expertise

Our team of kayakers would be more than happy to assist you in choosing the right fishing kayak. We have a team of professionals throughout Europe at your disposal and are happy to get you where you want to be in your kayak journey. Whether it’s your first kayak or your third, we’d be happy to help you choose the right kayak for you!

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