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Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition
Supernova FX Lowrance Edition

Supernova FX Lowrance Edition

Supernova FX Lowrance Edition: uno dei nostri best seller preparato con la migliore tecnologia Lowrance Hook Reveal 50/200 Row, Raiblaza e PoweryMax PX5.

Il kayak verrà consegnato con montaggio trasduttore e cablaggio cavi alimentazione

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Supernova FX
Supernova FX
Kayak colour : Midnight Storm (MS)
Pre-Order : Arrivo in magazzino: 15-30 Settembre 2023
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€2,013.59 €2,265.99 -€252.40
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Supernova FX
Price Per unit
€1,699.00  (Tax incl.)
Kayak Colour

Galaxy Supernova FX

The new Galaxy Supernova FX comes with the option to power your kayak with either our new Cyclone pedal drive, the Pro-Pel 54 electric motor, Ultraline Flippers, Torqeedo motor, or your trusty paddle.

Our designers worked closely with our pro-team and customer feedback to bring you a new version of this model full of great features.

So what’s new for this model?

Optional Pro-Pel 54 Supernova Motor

Optional (soon to be released) Flipper Box for Ultraline Flippers

Torqeedo Ready

Re-designed front hatch with lever opening system

Bigger rectangular storage box and hatch cover

Rudder disc increases turning angle

Newly designed EVA Pads

Improved Vista Seat

The dedicated Cyclone Pedal Drive powers the Supernova FX kayak both forwards and backwards with absolute ease. The new hull has been redesigned to fit both the updated Cyclone pedal drive, our Pro-Pel 54  Supernova Motor, or our new Flipper box for Ultraline Flippers. 

Using our Cyclone Pedal Drive means you can enjoy the benefits of hands free kayaking and be able to use your fishing rod while positioning your kayak nice and quietly. 

The new Supernova FX fits the Pro-Pel 54 Supernova electric motor which is perfect for those who want to travel long distances at ease and ideal for people who may not have the ability to power their kayaks themselves.

The most anticipated feature of this model is the new Flipper Box which makes it possible for this kayak to be powered by our Ultraline Flippers. This propulsion system is faster and uses less energy than when using our Cyclone drive.

Another fantastic new propulsion feature of this kayak is that it comes Torqeedo ready, featuring inserts in the rear of the kayak for easy Torqeedo motor installations. 

The Supernova FX is a large pedal kayak that measures 397.5cm in length by 85.5cm wide and 48cm high. By being a larger kayak you gain on two key elements: stability of your watercraft and its cruising speed.  

The shape of the hull makes this a very stable craft which is ideal for tackling your favourite sea, lake or river and even for those stand up fishing sessions wherever you prefer.

Our design team worked closed with our customers to make sure this kayak comes with loads of great features as standard. There are six rails found throughout the kayak, two small ones in the front, two large ones on each side and two medium ones in the rear of the kayak. This allows you to attach a huge range of accessories, such as Railblaza Rod Holders, Camera Boom, Visibility Kit or your preferred Fish Finder. 

Using this kayak for trawling is great as it comes with two flush mount rod holders. As this is a larger pedal kayak it means it will stay at that nice cruising speed for a good old trawling session.

Storage space is so important on a fishing kayak and the Supernova FX has plenty of it. The newly designed rear storage hatch is larger than its predecessors making it fit much larger batteries than previous models. 

The kayak also comes with a newly designed front hatch with a simple lever opening system. This makes reaching for stored items while out on the water much easier.

This kayak comes with a large front hatch and a large rear storage area. Both areas have bungees so tying down or attaching things like our Storage Pod in the rear is made easy. 

Being a larger kayak, we felt making it easy to transport was a top design consideration. The Supernova FX comes with moulded handles in the bow and stern of the yak. It also comes with heavy duty side handles which come with rubber non slip grips. The new Supernova also comes with a replaceable protection sleeve on the underside of the kayak which helps protect the rudder and kayak from damage.

Finally, security is always the number one priority when kayaking so like many of our models we have added a lifeline throughout the kayak just in case the worst should happen. This also adds a number of possibilities when clipping gear or anchoring at your top spots.

Like all Galaxy Kayaks, the Supernova FX comes with our three year guarantee and is fully

equipped with a Vista Supernova High Seat. The kayak also comes with a paddle as standard so all you need is a lifejacket, and you are ready for your next adventure!

Being a part of the Galaxy HV (High Visibility) Series™ means it comes with three lifelines and three Bungee cords in various colours. These are intended to make your kayak more visible for added safety on the water. These are included as standard in all kayaks from our new Galaxy HV Series™. They come in Orange, White and Black. This selection allows you to chose the final look you give your kayak; bright colours gain more visibility on the open water or dark ones camouflage with the shore line of a river - the choice is yours.

The Galaxy HV Series™ kayaks also come in a range of new colours to choose from for ultimate visibility to full camouflage mode.

Ensure the added safety of your equipment against all conditions with an optional combination of two or three bungee cords available for the rear storage boot to tie and secure your gear.

Whether you are looking for added safety or simply like to have fun on the water chose a truly unique look with the Galaxy HV Series™.

For more information on delivery, payment or warranty please read our FAQ.

Why choose Galaxy Kayaks?

Over 20,000 kayaks sold across Europe

Plenty of customer reviews available

Featured in some of Europe’s most distinguished speciality magazines

3 years guarantee

30 days no questions asked promise

Real CE (Conformité Européenne) approved kayaks

If you want more reasons to trust Galaxy Kayaks please read Why Choose Galaxy Kayaks?

This Kayak Includes:

NEW: Cyclone Pedal drive system that now fits into a simpler and sturdier axle system. With a propellor ratio of 1:10.5, this pedal drive is built specifically for the Supernova S kayak.

NEW: Now fits a Pro-Pel 54lbs Supernova electric motor

NEW: Now fits our Flipper Box for our Ultraline Flippers

NEW: Re-designed front hatch with lever opening system

NEW: Increased rudder manoeuvrability; the rudder now turns an additional 20% meaning sharper turns are possible

NEW: EVA pads for effective stand up fishing and style

NEW: Improved Vista Seat

NEW: A larger rear hatch with the ability to place a large battery

NEW: Bigger transducer hole with protective cover to fit the newest HD transducers.  Located in a scupper plug hole on the bottom of the kayak. This means you can fit the transducer under the kayak in direct contact with the water and easily pass cables through to your fish finder whilst keeping the unit safely protected. No DIY necessary - Galaxy Kayaks are ready for you, meaning you can spend more time out on the water. 

NEW: Mould has evolved to fit the rails in a sturdier position

NEW: Replaceable protection sleeve on the bottom of the kayak

Lifeline made from durable rope this durable rope allows fisherman to connect items to it, and is useful for manoeuvres such as anchor positioning. Our new kayaks come with three colours with every kayak - Black, White and Orange

Rear storage area with bungees: the new models come with three coloured bungees for you to choose your favourite option (Colours included in kayak are Black, White and Orange). This area makes it easy to transport items on the kayak

6 rail mounts: two in the front, two on the sides and two in the rear for the addition of Starports or other accessories and ideal for customising to your preference

1 hand rudder control system: for easy manoeuvrability of the kayak

1 Vista Supernova High Chair: for added comfort and higher seating position. This kayak includes the Vista High chair from Galaxy Kayaks which has now been mounted on rails and is adjustable for the use of our pedal drive system

2 x Railblaza Rod Holders: for the ultimate rod holder experience

2 x Railblaza MiniPort TracMount: to attach to the rails of your kayak in order to connect any kind of Railblaza accessory

1 front storage area with hatch cover: to store any extra necessities and with added protection from  water. This hatch has a scupper plug with access to the transducer compartment

11 drainage points: located around the kayak allowing you to choose where to drain water whilst maintaining desired areas dry

11 large scupper plugs: made from high quality rubber. Insert and remove when required for self-drainage system to activate

1 paddle clip: to safely store your paddle when not in use

1 moulded front handle: for an ergonomic carrying angle and more durability

1 moulded rear handle: for an ergonomic carrying angle and more durability

2 x side handles: for easy transportation of your kayak

1 drainage plug: to completely drain any water that has been absorbed into the hull after use

Cyclone Pedal specifications:

Ratio of propellor: 1:10.5

Size of propellor: 29.8cm

Size of cranks: 18.5cm

Material: Marine grade aluminium

Weight: 6.5kgs

Height: 77cm(without pedals),87.2cm with pedals, Width:37.4cm 

Kayak specifications:

Kayak size: 397.5 x 85.5 x 48 cm

Weight(without pedal): 41.5 Kgs(with seat);38.9kgs(without seat)

Thickness: average 4-5 mm

Front hatch size: 68.6 x 56 x 8.7 cm

Rear hatch size: 41.2 x 34.5 x 4.5cm

Rudder size: 297 x 215 x 49mm, rudder handle size: 157 x 106 x 80mm

Photos of details: 

Kayak Overview Image

409 cm
78 cm
48 cm
29 kg
Peso max ideale
150 kg
180 kg
Type of Kayak
3-year guarantee
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